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No. Date Side
Title Order Form
TT#351 01/06/08 A Our Refuge & Strength
God is our refuge and strength in all situations.
01/13/08 B Our Greatest Confidant
We can trust God with our hearts and confide in Him at all times.
TT#352 01/20/08 A The Urgency Of Speaking
A study on the importance of speaking God's Word NOW.
01/27/08 B Obedience & Believing
Obedience and believing cannot be separated.
TT#353 02/03/08 A Future Expectations
A study of the various wonderful things we have to look forward to with the Lord's return.
02/10/08 B Future Expectations Part II
TT#354 02/17/08 A Future Expectations Part III
02/24/08 B Future Expectations Part IV
TT#355 03/02/08 A Future Expectations Part V
03/09/08 B Two Men - Two Gardens - Two Decisions
A biblical study of the impact on the Creation because of the decisions of Adam and Jesus Christ.
TT 356 03/16/08 A True Deliverance
A study of some of the many things we received when we were delivered both spiritual & physical.
03/23/08 B The Crux of Christianity
The Bible teaches us that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the crux and power of Christianity.
TT#357 03/30/08 A God's At Work In You
A study of God working within you both to will and do of His good pleasure right NOW!
04/06/08 B Never Forsaken
God will NEVER leave nor forsake us. NEVER!
TT#358 04/13/08 A Just Like Father
God's Word tells us that we are to be holy even as He is holy.
04/20/08 B In Pursuit Of Righteousness
A study on priority in life's pursuits.
TCD#359 04/27/08 The Lord Will Provide
This study covers the great promises in God's Word regarding His care and providing for us.
TCD#360 05/04/08 God of Grace, God of Mercy, God of Love
God's Word abounds with detail regarding His great mercy, grace and love. This study defines these characteristics from the Scripture.
TCD#361 05/11/08 Victorious Struggles
Walking according to God's Word guarantees us victory.
TCD#362 05/18/08 Acceptance
All of us seek and yearn for acceptance. This is a reality ever since Adam disobeyed God and lost his connection. The Bible says in Christ we are accepted.
TCD #363 05/25/08 Free To Serve
The Bible teaches that freedom is consummated in service.
TCD #364 06/01/08 The Sometimes "Bothersome" Nature Of Truth
Truth is life changing and as such we may feel uncomfortable in the transition.
TCD #364 06/08/08 Obstacles
A biblical examination of the obstacles men and women of God faced and how they overcame them.
No. Date Side
Title Order Form
01/07/7 B Considering Some New Life Commitments
Takes a look at some of the commitments that we must make to keep Jesus in the position as our Lord. We made him Lord when looking for salvation and need to keep our commitment to that end.
TT#326 01/14/07 A What's In A Name?
A brief look at the biblical significance of names and titles.
01/21/07 B Exercising Godliness
A consideration of what godliness is and how to live it.
TT#327 01/28/07 A As A Man Thinketh
The Bible reveals the truth regarding living life from the ?inside out? which is contradicted by the world which leads us to believe the opposite. This study shows this and how to change what is in your life by changing what is in your heart.
02/04/07 B As A Man Thinketh [continued]
Continuation of the topic began on Side A.
TT#328 02/11/07 A Tough On Truth Gentle On People
A consideration of how to deal with the way the world tries to harden our hearts, compromise truth and get hard on people.
02/18/07 B What The Heart Wants
We are led to believe that our hearts cannot be denied, but that they want what they want. The Bible clearly shows us that we are in charge of our hearts and it is our determination as to what the heart wants. The key verse showcased being Psalms 37:4
TT#329 02/25/07 A Inner Peace & The Stayed Mind
A study on how the practice of stayed mind brings the peace of God into realization in a person's life.
03/04/07 B Trusting In The Living God
The Bible teaches prayer with believing to be a significant way of demonstrating our trust in God.
TT#330 03/11/07 A Persisting In Prayer
The title says it all!
03/18/07 B Seeing "Ain't" Believing
The Bible says that faith is the evidence of things not seen. This teaching explores that reality.
TT#331 03/25/07 A Box The Size Of Your Understanding
This teaching examines how the believer can actually limit God's working in their life.
04/01/07 B Miracles, Miracles, Miracles
Miracles surround us in the creation and are well documented in the Bible. God is a God of miracles.
TT#332 04/08/07 A Resurrection Sunday 2007
A consideration of the way we are identified with our Lord in his resurrection and how he was our complete sacrificial substitute for sin. Also, what we are to do as we await his return.
04/15/07 B Raised, Ascended & Soon To Return
A study of the events of the resurrection of Christ and those between his resurrection and ascension. And a consideration of what we are to do as we await his return.
TT#333 04/22/07 A Courage To Stand, Strength To Endure
This teaching considers the components that the believer must embrace. The courage and endurance we all need is available to us when we do.
04/29/07 B Unity Of The Spirit
A brief exposition of the opening verses in Ephesians 4.
TT#334 05/06/07 A Anticipating Apocalypse
A study of the true meaning of the word Apocalypse and its varied uses.
05/13/07 B Mother's Day 2007
A consideration of mothers given biblical distinction.
TT#335 05/20/07 A Heaven Above Earth Beneath
Exploration of the biblical truths concerning what heaven and hell are, who's there and where they are in correlation to each other.
05/27/07 B The Miracle Of Pentecost
A study of the day of Pentecost and that which is miraculous regarding that day and events subsequent to it.
TT#336 06/03/07 A God's Perfect Timing
The title is self-explanitory.
06/10/07 B Called, Chosen & Elected Of God
Teaching examined the meaning and use of each of called, chosen and elected.
TT#337 06/17/07 A The Father's Good Pleasure
A study examining what it is that pleases our God.
06/24/07 B Living By Faith In A "Faithless" World
Biblical explanation of what faith is and how to live by it. The just shall live by faith!
TT#338 07/01/07 A Cast All Your Care On Him
He cares for us greatly and wants to meet our every need. We also need to do what it is that blesses Him. For His goodness to us we owe Him all our love and allegiance.
07/08/07 B The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like . . .
An examination of the phrase Kingdom of Heaven and its use by Jesus in parables.
TT#339 07/15/07 A Touching The Hem Of His Garment
A biblical consideration of what it meant when the woman with the issue of blood did when she touched the hem of Jesus? garment.
07/22/07 B The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like . . . Part Two
A continuation of the study of the phrase titling this teaching.
TT#340 07/29/07 A The Greatest Commandment
The greatest commandment is . . .!
08/05/07 B Life's Greatest Cargoes
This teaching answers the questions, what are some of life's greatest cargoes and how to we receive them?
TT#341 08/12/07 A It Is Written – Ten Years After
This teaching explores the great motto of our Lord Jesus and the importance he placed upon the revealed written Word of God.
08/19/07 B Glorify God
A study revealing the type of lives we should lead, i.e., ones that glorify God.
TT#342 09/02/07 A Lead Me Lest I Be Lost
Examining the importance of seeking God and His Word for guidance in all that we do.
09/09/07 B Worship - The Service Of God
The Bible reveals the purpose for godly service as the worship of God Himself.
TT#343 09/16/07 A Life In Perspective
This teaching centers on what is really important as regards our short lives here and now.
09/23/07 B Purpose For Living
An exposition on what it is we should be living for and how this and only this gives us true purpose.
TT#344 09/30/07 A Using Love For An Excuse
The love of God has been used as an excuse for sinful behavior for years even as grace has been used as a license. This teaching proves this to be unacceptable.
10/07/07 B Rescued From The Enemy
God has rescued us from the enemy and will continue to do so as long as we cry unto Him for help.
TT#345 10/14/07 A Science Falsely So Called
Examines what true knowledge is and how those who engage in teachings contradictory to God's Word endeavor to call them true knowledge when they aren't knowledge at all.
10/21/07 B Ham & Eggs
A biblical study of the difference between commitment and involvement.
TT#346 10/28/07 A Rooted & Grounded
What does it mean to be rooted and grounded, and what is it we are to be rooted and grounded in?
11/04/07 B The 500 Pound Gorilla
A study of how the Adversary tries to get us to shut up and not speak God's Word. We are to speak regardless of the threats and not allow ourselves to be intimidated by others or circumstances.
TT#347 11/11/07 A Pick One From Column A Or Column B
This study reveals that there are only one of two choices to be made in life. Either you go God's Way or you don't.
11/18/07 B The Importance Of Being Thankful
The title discloses the content. Note also that this is not an obligatory Thanksgiving Day teaching.
TT#348 11/25/07 A Joy In God
True joy is found in fellowship with God and His Son, no where else.
12/02/07 B This Too Shall Pass
All that we see and experience is temporal. That which is of God is eternal. This teaching examines this truth.
TT#349 12/09/07 A Unchangeable
Unlike the temporal things of this life, the things of God will never change.
12/16/07 B Our Power Of Attorney
The Word of God is our power of attorney. It is the legal document that authorizes us to utilize the name of Jesus Christ with all of its resources.
TT#350 12/23/07 A The Real December Message
What really does the Bible have to say about the Lord's birth? And what did happen in December?
12/30/07 B Your Times Are In His Hand
God always has His Hand upon us. This teaching is a reminder of that great truth.
No. Date Side
Title Order Form
TT#300 01/08/06 ARoad Of Faith
01/15/06 BRoad Of Faith Part II
TT#301 01/22/05 AJudge Not
01/29/05 BAccusing Or Excusing
TT#302 02/05/06 ABecome A Proverb
02/12/06 BHe Still Does Miracles
TT#303 02/19/06 AHe Still Does Miracles Cont.
02/26/06 BOur Ever Present God
TT#304 03/05/06 AThe God Of My Salvation
03/12/06 BThe God Of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
TT#305 03/19/06 AReasons For Being
03/26/06 BThe Bread & The Wine
TT#306 04/02/06 ALove, Obedience & Sacrifice
04/09/06 BTwo Entries
TT#307 04/16/06 AGood Friday
Did Jesus really die on a Friday? Why would that be good. Covers the topic of when Jesus died and what day it was he rose from the dead.
04/23/06 BForty Days
The biblical significance of the time period of ?forty days.?
TT#308 04/30/06 AIrreconcilable Differences
Exposition on how the differences between Christian doctrines due to the opinions and creeds of men have led to irreconcilable differences between Christians. Examines some of the root causes and points to the Return as the only solution for true unity. Presented in two parts.
05/07/06 BIrreconcilable Differences Part II
TT#309 05/14/06 ANew Life Birthrights
Explores the rights you receive when you become a member of God's family as the title suggests.
05/21/06 BAnxious For Nothing
God commands that we be not anxious. This teaching considers the how of doing that.
TT#310 05/28/06 ARemembering & Forgetting
The biblical directive concerning what we are to remember and what we are to forget, the benefit of doing so and the biblical examples of those who were commanded to do the same.
06/04/06 BPentecost 2006
The origin and meaning of Pentecost from the Old Testament records to the outpouring of holy spirit upon the twelve apostles.
TT#311 06/11/06 ATruth Or Fable - You Decide
Deals with our accepting the Word of God as absolute truth and refutes the notions set forth by some that the Bible is a book of stories and fables.
06/18/06 BThankful For My Three Fathers
Teaching on Father's Day showing from the Scriptures that the believer has not one but three fathers, i.e. biological or earthly, Heavenly and Abraham the father of all who believe.
TT#312 06/25/06 ABeneath The Shadow Of His Wings
Concerned with going to God for help and relying upon Himfor protection and refuge as opposed to going to other sources.
07/02/06 BLiberty & Justice For All
Examines the source of true liberty and justice and also that our Nation is a free nation because of its adherence and application of Christian ethics.
TT#313 07/09/06
A & BBold As A Lion - One & Two
Based on the OT truth, ?The righteous are bold as a lion . . .? This teaching reveals what boldness is and exactly how it is displayed.
TT#314 07/23/06 AChildren Of Abraham
Shows we are the true children of Abraham are and what God has in store for us.
07/30/06 BElect Of God
What does it mean to be the Elect of God and who does this apply to?
TT#315 08/06/06 AOf War & Peace Part One
Explores the real reasons for war and when war will end and peace will finally reign.
08/20/06 BOf War & Peace Part Two
Continued study of why war and when peace focusing on overcoming evil with good.
TT#316 08/27/06 AOf War & Peace Part Three
How to get back to basics so as to be peaceful even in the midst of turmoil.
08/31/06 BOf War & Peace Part Four
Examines the realities of the heart, how they effect war and peace and the importance of guarding one's heart.
TT#317 09/10/06 ASeptember 10, 2006
Reflects on the sad events of September 11, 2001 and how the greatest grief may be neglecting to praise and thank God for the wonderful event of His Son's birth on September 11 3BC.
09/17/06 BThe Logic of Faith
The Bible clearly demonstrates that reason and faith are one when that reason is based upon the Word of God.
TT#318 09/24/06 AFaith & Practice
Shows the Bible to be the ONLY rule for faith and practice in man who, if searching, needs a center for learning outside of himself.
10/01/06 BFaith & Practice - Part Two
Expands upon the topic clearly identifying what faith is and what it means to practice it.
TT#319 10/08/06 AFaith & Practice - Part Three
Continuing study and consideration of the topic of Christian Faith & Practice
10/15/06 BFaith & Practice - Part Four
Conclusion of Faith & Practice series.
TT#320 10/22/06 AUnafraid
The Bible gives us many reasons to be unafraid. Understanding what fear is and how it motivates helps us to be unafraid of all but fear itself.
10/29/06 BStill Unafraid
Continuation of teaching from side A.
TT#321 11/05/06 ATomorrow's Children
A consideration of what we will be when Jesus Christ returns and how that impacts us today.
11/12/06 BHeroes Of Faith
Definition of what a hero is and a brief look at Old and New Testament heroes, chief being the Lord Jesus Christ. Taught on Veteran's Day weekend.
TT#322 11/19/06 ADeveloping & Maintaining A Thankful Heart
Content is as described by the title.
11/26/06 BTime - Nemesis Of Man
Sobering look at the brevity and urgency of our time.
TT#323 12/03/06 AHoliday Traditions
A look at the origin of some Christmas traditions and the significance of tradition in general Is tradition good? Is tradition bad?
12/10/06 BNativity Depictions
The origin and significance of the Nativity Display and the characters that have joined it over the years. A consideration also of whether the display is secular or religious especially as this pertains to the recent attack and ban on Christmas displays in public places.
TT#324 12/17/06 AHis Star - A Sign For All Seasons
The significance of His Star and who saw it.
1/24/06 BIn His Steps
The example Christ left is to be followed diligently by all who love and serve him.
TT#325 12/31/06 ALiving The New Life
Keys and principles for living the Christian life!
No. Date Side
Title Order Form
TT#275 01/02/05 A Choose You This Day
01/09/05 B The Resurrections
TT#276 01/16/05 A The Resurrections Part Two
01/23/05 B The Resurrections Part Three
TT#277 01/30/05 A Kingdom Of Heaven/Kingdom Of God Part One
02/06/05 B Kingdom Of Heaven/Kingdom Of God Part Two
TT#278 02/14/05 A Church Of The Body/Church Of The Bride
02/21/05 B Church Of The Body/Church Of The Bride Pt.2
TT#279 02/27/05 A Rewards, Crowns And Authority
03/06/05 B The Blessing Of Abraham
TT#280 03/13/05 A Resurrection Ground
03/20/05 B The Mercyseat Of God
TT#281 03/27/05 A The Bright & Morning Star
04/03/05 B The Bright & Morning Star Part Two
TT#282 04/10/05 A Post-resurrection Days I
04/17/05 B Post-resurrection Days II
TT#283 04/24/05 A The Sign Of His Coming I
05/01/05 B The Sign Of His Coming II
TT#284 05/08/05 A The Sign Of His Coming III
05/15/05 B The Sign Of His Coming IV
TT#285 05/22/05 A The High Calling
05/29/05 B Stones Of Witness
TT#286 06/05/05 A God Is Able, Are You Willing?
06/12/05 B A Question Of Balance
TT#287 06/19/05 A God Of Our Fathers
06/26/05 B Stick Your Neck Out
TT#288 07/03/05 A Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is
07/10/05 B His Way Is The Only Way
TT#289 07/17/05 A Embracing The Peace Of God I
07/24/05 B Embracing The Peace Of God II
TT#290 07/31/05 A Self-reliance & Humility
08/07/05 B The Odds Are In Your Favor
TT#291 08/14/05 A Together Forever
08/21/05 B You Can Do It!
TT#292 08/28/05 A Losing Your Religion Part I
09/04/05 B Losing Your Religion Part II
TT#293 09/18/05 A Rest In The Lord
09/25/05 B Losing Your Religion Part III
TT#294 10/02/05 A Losing Your Religion Part IV
10/09/05 B Losing Your Religion Part V
TT#295 10/16/05 A Freedom From Fear
10/23/05 B Drama
TT#296 10/30/05 A Tribulation & Wrath (Pressure & Judgement)
11/06/05 B Knocked Down But Not Out (Affliction & Distress)
TT#297 11/13/05 A Hunger
11/20/05 B New Skins For New Wine
TT#298 11/27/05 A Chinks In The Armor
12/04/05 B God Is Always There For You
TT# 299 12/11/05 A Owe No Man
12/18/05 B September 11, 3 BC
No. Date Side
Title Order Form
TT#249 01/04/04 A Praying In The New Year
01/11/04 B Pursuing A Heart Like David's
TT#250 01/18/04 A The Importance Of Stayed Mind In Prayer
01/25/04 B Because He Cares For You
TT#251 02/01/04 A Faith Vs. Fear - Part One
02/08/04 B Faith Vs. Fear - Part Two
TT#252 02/15/04 A Faith Vs. Fear - Part Three
02/22/04 B Faith Vs. Fear - Part Four
TT#253 02/29/04 A Great Cloud Of Witnesses
03/07/04 B Great Cloud Of Witnesses
TT#254 03/14/04 A The Sufferings Of Christ
03/21/04 B The Sufferings Of Christ
TT#255 03/28/04 A The Truth Regarding Palm Sunday
04/04/04 B The Son Of The Father
TT#256 04/11/04 A He Lives
04/18/04 B Roadblocks On The Road Of Life
TT#257 04/25/04 A What Doth Hinder Thee?
05/02/04 B Take Your Foot Off The Hose
TT#258 05/09/04 A Giving God The Glory Due His Name I
05/16/04 B Giving God The Glory Due His Name II
TT#259 05/23/04 A Post Passion Events
05/30/04 B Pentecost 2004
TT#260 06/06/04 A D-Day 2004
06/13/04 B The Priority of Worship
TT#261 06/20/04 A Celebrate God
06/27/04 B Sacrifice Of Worship
TT#262 07/04/04 A Independence Day 2004
07/11/04 B Singing A New Song
TT#263 07/18/04 A Blessed Is The Nation
07/25/04 B Speak The Word
TT#264 08/01/04 A Not By Bread Alone
08/08/04 B Built To Fly
TT#265 08/15/04 A Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
08/22/04 B Why Is The Sky Blue?
TT#266 08/29/04 A The Salt Of The Earth
09/05/04 B The Light Of The World
TT#267 09/12/04 A Good Measure
09/19/04 B Living Under Grace
TT#268 09/26/04 A The Foundation Of Sacrifice
10/03/04 B Orientalisims
TT#269 10/10/04 A Orientalisims II
10/17/04 B Orientalisims III
TT#270 10/24/04 A Orientalisims IV
10/31/04 B Orientalisims V
TT#271 11/07/04 A Stand & Withstand
11/14/04 B Taking The Word To The World
TT#272 11/21/04 A Live Thanks
11/28/04 B The Healer Of Broken Lives
TT#273 12/05/04 A The Handmaid Of The Lord
12/12/04 B The Heritage Of King Jesus
TT#274 12/19/04 A The King Is Born
12/26/04 B Son Of Man/Son Of God/Messiah
No. Date Side
Title Order Form
TT#223 01/05/03 A All Or Not At All
01/12/03 B A Question Of Heart
TT#224 01/19/03 A The Hidden Man Of The Heart
01/26/03 B Believing For A Big Heart
TT#225 02/02/03 A The Trumpet Of God
02/09/03 B Responding To Threats
TT#226 02/16/03 A True Love
02/23/03 B Face To Face
TT#227 03/02/03 A The Laborers Are Still Few
03/09/03 B The Better Way
TT#228 03/16/03 A The Real Enemy
03/23/03 B The Real Enemy - Part Two
TT#229 03/30/03 A Escape Temptation
04/06/03 B Sin Not
TT#230 04/13/03 A The Lamb Of The First Year
04/20/03 B Resurrection Life
TT#231 04/27/03 A Prophecy - Part One
05/04/03 B Prophecy - Part Two
TT#232 05/11/03 A Prophecy - Part Three
05/18/03 B Prophecy - Part Four
TT#233 05/25/03 A Prophecy - Part Five
06/01/03 B Prophecy - Part Six
TT#234 06/08/03 A A New Beginning
06/15/03 B Restoration And Revival
TT#235 06/22/03 A Why Bad Things Happen To Good People
06/29/03 B One God
TT#236 07/06/03 A One Baptism
07/13/03 B One Faith
TT#237 07/20/03 A One Lord
07/27/03 B One Hope
TT#238 08/03/03 A One Body, One Spirit
08/10/03 B Spiritual Unity
TT#239 08/17/03 A And Who Is Sufficient?
08/24/03 B Competent In Christ
TT#240 08/31/03 A Workers Together With God
09/07/03 B A Time To Remember A Time To Forget
TT#241 09/14/03 A Lead Me In Thy Way
09/21/03 B Itching Ears
TT#242 09/28/03 A Truth Vs. Tradition
10/05/03 B Speaking The Truth In Love
TT#243 10/12/03 A The Best Time
10/19/03 B Hungry For His Word
TT#244 10/26/03 A Follow Who?
11/02/03 B The Doctrine Of God
TT#245 11/07/03 A The Reproof & Correction Of God
11/16/03 B The Instruction Of God
TT#246 11/23/03 A Fellowhelpers To The Truth
11/30/03 B Playing To Win With The Cards You?re Dealt
TT#247 12/07/03 A Messianic Prophecies
12/14/03 B Mary, Zacharias & Cousin Elizabeth
TT#248 12/21/03 A Wise Men From The East
12/28/03 B Becoming God-inside Minded In 2004
No. Date Side
Title Order Form
TT#197 01/06/02 A F.O.R.D.
01/13/02 B My Anchor Holds - Part One
TT#198 01/20/02 A My Anchor Holds - Part Two
01/27/02 B My Anchor Holds - Part Three
TT#199 02/03/02 A My Anchor Holds - Part Four
02/10/02 B The Love Of God
TT#200 02/17/02 A Don't Forget God
02/24/02 B My Only Rule
TT#201 03/03/02 A Where Are The Men?
03/10/02 B Where Are The Women?
TT#202 03/17/02 A Jealous For The Lord Of Hosts
03/24/02 B Godliness and Humility
TT#203 03/31/02 A The Precious Blood
04/07/02 B The Israel Of God
TT#204 04/14/02 A The Israel Of God - Part Two
04/21/02 B The Israel Of God - Part Three
TT#205 04/28/02 A The Israel Of God - Part Four
05/05/02 B The Israel Of God - Part Five
TT#206 05/12/02 A The Israel Of God - Part Six
05/19/02 B The Israel Of God - Part Seven
TT#207 05/26/02 A The Israel Of God - Part Eight
06/02/02 B Brightly Shine The Stars
TT#208 06/09/02 A Our God Is A Personal God
06/16/02 B The Only Trustworthy Source
TT#209 06/23/02 A Forgiveness For The Sinner
06/30/02 B Spiritual Schizoid Man
TT#210 07/07/02 A Enveloped In Grace
07/14/02 B How To Avoid Discouragement
TT#211 07/21/02 A The Crucible Of God's Word
07/30/02 B Complete In Him
TT#212 08/04/02 A Right Now!
08/11/02 B The Time Would Fail Me . . .
TT#213 08/18/02 A The Time Would Fail Me . . . 2
08/25/02 B The Time Would Fail Me . . . 3
TT#214 09/01/02 A The Time Would Fail Me . . . 4
09/08/02 B The Time Would Fail Me . . . 5
TT#215 09/15/02 A The Time Would Fail Me . . . 6
09/22/02 B The Time Would Fail Me . . . 7
TT#216 09/29/02 A God's Anointed
10/06/02 B The Anointing
TT#217 10/13/02 A The Righteous Judge
10/20/02 B The Winds Of War
TT#218 10/27/02 A Handling Stress & Anxiety
11/03/02 B The Importance Of Being Faithful
TT#219 11/10/02 A God Give Us Men
11/17/02 B The Silent Witness
TT#220 11/24/02 A Living With A Thankful Heart
12/01/02 B Exercises In Godliness
TT#221 12/08/02 A Exercises In Godliness (contd.)
12/15/02 B The Promised Seed
TT#222 12/22/02 A The Birth Of Jesus Christ – Every Man's Savior
12/29/02 B All Things New
No. Date Side
Title Order Form
01/07/01 B Which Way Are You Going?
TT#170 01/14/01 A A New Commandment
01/21/01 B He Is There With You Now
TT#171 01/28/01 A My God! My God!
02/04/01 B Why Do You Believe That? Part One
TT#172 02/11/01 A Why Do You Believe That? Part Two
02/18/01 B Why Do You Believe That? Part Three
TT#173 02/25/01 A Why Do You Believe That? Part Four
03/04/01 B Why Do You Believe That? Part Five
TT#174 03/11/01 A&B Why Do You Believe That? Part Six
TT#175 03/18/01 A&B Why Do You Believe That? Part Seven
TT#176 03/24/01 A Let Go And Turn To God
04/01/01 B Bread & Wine
TT#177 04/08/01 A Palm Sunday?
04/15/01 B Resurrection Joy!
TT#178 04/22/01 A Buy The Truth While There's Time
04/29/01 B Touched By The Master's Hand
TT#179 05/06/01 A Tomorrow Never Comes
05/13/01 B Be Ye Thankful
TT#180 05/20/01 A Not Slothful
05/27/01 B No, Freedom Isn't Free
TT#181 06/03/01 A Created In You, Created Anew
06/10/01 B Affliction & Deliverance
TT#182 06/17/01 A & B Oh Father, My Father!
TT#183 06/24/01 A Affliction & Deliverance - Part Two
07/01/01 B Affliction & Deliverance - Part Three
TT#184 07/08/01 A Affliction & Deliverance - Part Four
07/15/01 B Affliction & Deliverance - Part Five
TT#185 07/22/01 A God Is Calling YOU
07/21/01 B Seek To Know God
TT#186 08/05/01 A Awake & Arise
08/12/01 B Ham & Eggs
TT#187 08/19/01 A Sold Out For God
08/26/01 B Grace Greater Than My Sin!
TT#188 09/02/01 A Disciple
09/09/01 B Follower Of Christ
TT#189 09/16/01 A The Psychology Of Fear And The Stability Of Faith
09/23/01 B One Life
TT#190 09/30/01 A When Grief Turns To Anger
10/07/01 B Ultimate Deliverance
TT#191 10/14/01 A The Greatest Preparation
10/21/01 B Endangered Species
TT#192 10/28/01 A Renouncing The Secret Shameful Things
11/04/01 B Things To Come
TT#193 11/11/01 A Fanatic
11/18/01 B Almighty God
TT#194 11/25/01 A The Biggest Bully On The Block
12/02/01 B His Star
TT#195 12/09/01 A The Birth Of Jesus Christ
12/16/01 B Band Of Brothers
TT#196 12/23/01 A Peace On Earth
12/30/01 B A New York State Of Mind
No. Date Side
Title Order Form
01/02/00 B The Millennium Mission
TT#143 01/09/00 A He Will Always Love You
01/16/00 B For Love's Sake
TT#144 01/23/00 A Honor The Lord Part One
01/30/00 B Honor The Lord Part Two
TT#145 02/06/00 A The Power Of The Tongue
02/13/00 B Temporary Tent Dwellers
TT#146 02/20/00 A Another Chance
02/27/00 B True Love
TT#147 03/05/00 A Search The Scriptures
03/12/00 B Birds Of A Feather
TT#148 03/19/00 A The True Gospel
03/26/00 B Who's Kidding Who?
TT#149 04/02/00 A Eternal Salvation
04/09/00 B The Day Jesus Christ Died & Other Stunning Truths Part One
TT#150 04/16/00 A The Day Jesus Christ Died & Other Stunning Truths Part Two
04/23/00 B The Most Stunning Truth Of All
TT#151 04/30/00 A The First Day
05/07/00 B Thirty Nine Days Of Infallible Proof
TT#152 05/14/00 A The Right Hand Of Majesty
05/21/00 B The Promise Of The Father
TT#153 05/28/00 A The Witness Of The Spirit
06/04/00 B Cycle Of Victory
TT#154 06/11/00 A The Ultimate Promise
06/18/00 B The Father's Heritage - Our Legacy
TT#155 06/25/00 A Living Signposts
07/02/00 B More Than Just A Wish List
TT#156 07/09/00 A The Way It Is
07/16/00 B Pray Without Ceasing
TT#157 07/23/00 A The Other Side Of Prayer - Part One
07/30/00 B The Other Side Of Prayer - Part Two
TT#158 08/06/00 A The Other Side Of Prayer - Part Three
08/13/00 B The Other Side Of Prayer - Part Four
TT#159 08/20/00 A Led By The Spirit
08/27/00 B This Precious Moment
TT#160 09/03/00 A INSEPARABLE
09/10/00 B Contending With The Devil
TT#161 09/17/00 A The Weapons Of War
09/24/00 B The Royal Love Is A Loyal Love
TT#162 10/01/00 A Staying Fit
10/08/00 B Tear The Roof Off
TT#163 10/15/00 A Let The Dead Do It
10/22/00 B God Is Love
TT#164 10/29/00 A God Is Light
11/05/00 B God Is Spirit
TT#165 11/12/00 A The LORD Is
11/19/00 B Church Of The Bride/Church Of The Body
TT#166 11/26/00 A Kingdom Of Heaven/Kingdom Of God
12/03/00 B The Purpose Of Creation
TT#167 12/10/00 A The Criteria For Service
12/17/00 B Jesus The Christ
TT#168 12/24/00 A & B Long Lives Our King!
TT#169 12/31/00 A The Year In Balance
No. Date Side
Title Order Form
01/03/99 B Take The Plunge
TT#117 01/10/99 A Renewed
01/17/99 B Don't Look Back Stranger
TT#118 01/24/99 A God Will Make A Way
01/31/99 B Miracle God
TT#119 02/07/99 A Humility NOT Ability
02/14/99 B Wholeheartedly Seeking God
TT#120 02/21/99 A The Manifold Grace Of God
02/28/99 B Many Things
TT#121 03/07/99 A How To Get Your Foot Off The Hose
03/14/99 B In The Presence Of Greatness
TT#122 03/21/99 A Consider Him
03/28/99 B Healing In The Communion - (R. Byrne)
TT#123 04/04/99 A The Crux Of Christianity
04/11/99 B Time For God
TT#124 04/18/99 A In His Care
04/25/99 B Fearless Living
TT#125 05/02/99 A The Hardest Question
05/09/99 B Stolen Blessings
TT#126 05/16/99 A Digging Ditches
05/23/99 B Bearers Of The Light
TT#127 05/30/99 A The Price Of Freedom
06/06/99 B Take a Stand and Speak Up
TT#128 06/13/99 A Fishers Of Men
06/20/99 B Abba Father
TT#129 06/27/99 A No Strain, No Drain
07/04/99 B Let Freedom Ring
TT#130 07/11/99 A Freedom's Messengers
07/18/99 B Speak Lord, For Thy Servant Heareth
TT#131 07/25/99 A Children Of Promise
08/01/99 B Workers For God
TT#132 08/08/99 A The Joy Of Serving
08/15/99 B Four Thousand Frenchmen
TT#133 08/22/99 A Choose Your Destiny
08/29/99 B Proud Of The Gospel
TT#134 09/05/99 A Forgiveness And Freedom
09/12/99 B What To Do With Your Heart And Soul
TT#135 09/19/99 A You Can Make A Difference
09/26/99 B THE Topic Of Conversation
TT#136 10/03/99 A A Look At Jonah
10/10/99 B The Blessings Of Obedience
TT#137 10/17/99 A God's Royal Family
10/24/99 B Authority - Always Remember Who's In Charge
TT#138 10/31/99 A Reformation Sunday 1999
11/07/99 B Hunger & Free Will
TT#139 11/14/99 A The Greatest Debt
11/21/99 B A Time To Remember
TT#140 11/28/99 A Millennium Men and Women
12/05/99 B What Is A Gift?
TT#141 12/12/99 A The Purposeful Gift Of God
12/19/99 B The Lord's BRANCH
TT#142 12/26/99 A The Last Teaching Of This Century
No. Date Side
Title Order Form
01/04/98 B Changed
TT#91 01/11/98 A The Story Behind The Scenery
01/18/98 B For Best Results Use Full Strength
TT#92 01/25/98 A Can Do
02/01/98 B For The Glory Of God
TT#93 02/08/98 A Rags to Riches
02/15/98 B Sons of God for Eternity
TT#94 02/22/98 A Our God Is Able
03/01/98 B More Than A Conqueror
TT#95 03/08/98 A What's For Supper?
03/15/98 B In His Image
TT#96 03/22/98 A Who is this Jesus Christ?
03/29/98 B The Garment of Praise
TT#97 04/05/98 A The Dawning of a New Day
04/12/98 B Go Quickly and Tell
TT#98 04/19/98 A Forgiveness and Love, THE Motivation to Love and Forgive
04/26/98 B Talk To The Father
TT#99 05/03/98 A Building Your Relationship With God
05/10/98 B A Mother's Prayer
TT#100 05/17/98 A Truth Is Fallen In The Streets
05/24/98 B Take Up Your Cross
TT#101 05/31/98 A No Fear
06/07/98 B Friendship
TT#102 06/14/98 A Choices
06/21/98 B The Last Man
TT#103 06/28/98 A He Will NOT Fail You
07/05/98 B Servants Of Righteousness
TT#104 07/12/98 A What Are You Waiting For?
07/19/98 B Trivial Pursuit vs. The Noble Calling
TT#105 07/26/98 A The Measure Of A Man
08/02/98 B Pray With Me
TT#106 08/09/98 A Angels, Apostles and Ambassadors
08/16/98 B In Thee ONLY Do I Trust
TT#107 08/23/98 A Two Men
08/30/98 B The Father Of The Fatherless
TT#108 09/06/98 A The Father Of The Fatherless - Part Two (You'll Never Be Alone Again)
09/13/98 B The Father Of The Fatherless - Part Three (From Prison To Prosperity)
TT#109 09/20/98 A The Other Side Of The Story
09/27/98 B Who Do You Think You Are?
TT#110 10/04/98 A You Cannot Silence The Voice Of God
10/11/98 B Rest In The Arms Of The Father
TT#111 10/18/98 A Staked Out For Christ
10/25/98 B Someone Waits
TT#112 11/01/98 A Friends and Family
11/08/98 B More Than Conquerors
TT#113 11/15/98 A Vessels Of Mercy, Vessels Of Honor
11/22/98 B Places Of Worship
TT#114 11/29/98 A Tempted And Tried
12/06/98 B In Search Of The Perfect Gift
TT#115 12/13/98 A Love Is More Beautiful The Second Time
12/20/98 B Dispelling Myths and Setting Men Free
TT#116 12/27/98 A Returning To Normal
No. Date Side
Title Order Form
TT#66 01/08/97 A Give God Your Best
B Trust
TT#67 01/17/97 A The Missing Jewel
02/02/97 B He's Coming Back
TT#68 02/09/97 A & B The Hope Of His Calling
TT#69 02/16/97 A The Aim Of Christianity
02/23/97 B Acts 16 & 17
TT#70 03/09/97 A & B A Falling Away
TT#71 04/06/97 A & B Our God Is A Consuming Fire
TT#72 04/13/97 A That god Is TOO Small
04/27/97 B A Family Affair
TT#73 05/04/97 A Together
05/07/97 B Balaam & Balak
TT#74 05/18/97 A A Parent's Compromise (Blind to Truth)
05/25/97 B Pentecost 1997
TT#75 06/05/97 A & B Sour Grapes
TT#76 06/08/97 A The Age Of Jubilation
06/25/97 B Fear, The Enemy Of Believing
TT#77 07/06/97 A Believing Is NOT Seeing
07/09/97 B Hear Ye The Word Of The Lord
TT#78 07/10/97 A A Passion To Speak
07/16/97 B If God Says It, That Confirms It
TT#79 07/23/97 A Confess God's Word
07/27/97 B The Greatest Reason To Believe
TT#80 08/10/97 A Sin In The Garden - Pain In The Valley
08/17/97 B It Is Written (Teaching Center Dedication Service)
TT#81 08/24/97 A Pressure And What To Do About It
08/31/97 B Turn Your Eyes Upon Him
TT#82 09/07/97 A Context
09/14/97 B Five Keys To A Walk Of Victory
TT#83 09/21/97 A The Unknown God
09/28/07 B Attacked But Not Beaten
TT#84 10/05/97 A True Progress
10/12/97 B Simplify Your Life
TT#85 10/19/97 A Preparation For A Lifetime
10/26/97 B Fire In My Bones
TT#86 11/02/97 A God Time
11/09/97 B What Is Prophecy?
TT#87 11/16/97 A Time To Wake Up
11/23/97 B The Big Bucket O? Christians
TT#88 11/30/97 A Love's Debt
12/07/97 B A Brand New You
TT#89 12/14/97 A Everyday's A Holiday
12/21/97 B Never Forget What God Gave You
TT#90 12/28/97 A I Am Resolved
No. Date Side
Title Order Form
TT#51 06/09/96 A & B Nine - Profits
TT#52 06/11/96 A The Name of Power
06/30/96 B Results Without Discrimination
TT#53 07/12/96 A The Bedrock of Life
B The Woman of God
TT#54 07/19/96 A The God-Fearing Man
B The Husband and Wife Relationship
TT#55 07/26/96 A The Bond Of Perfectness
B God's Way Is The Right Way
TT#56 08/02/96 A Grow In Grace
B Sharing Life Together
TT#57 08/04/96 A & B Free From All Burdens
TT#58 08/09/96 A Be Honest, Have Integrity
B The Responsible Christian Child
TT#59 08/16/96 A The Spiritualist Attack On Children
B The Thankful Child
TT#60 09/08/96 A Press Hard To Hear The Word
10/06/96 B Power Aplenty
TT#61 11/03/96 A & B The God Of Deliverance
TT#62 10/20/96 A A New Creation
B The Seven Stars
TT#63 10/20/96 A & B The Apostle's Doctrine
TT#64 12/01/96 A Only A Teen
B The Power Of Praise
TT#65 12/15/96 A Get Down On The Knees Of Your Heart
B The Purpose Of Worship

No. Date Side
Title Order Form
01/01/95 B To Know Him Is To Love Him
TT#38 01/04/95 A The Joy of Fellowship, One With Another
01/06/95 B Obey From The Heart
TT#39 01/08/95 A The Beauty Of His Divine Presence
01/15/95 B He is Our Access
TT#40 01/20/95 A Reliance
02/02/95 B Why Did They Do That?
TT#41 02/03/95 A It Is Written
02/08/95 B Heirs Of God
TT#42 02/09/95 A Heir Apparent
02/12/95 B Read The Book
TT#43 02/13/95 A The Traveler
02/15/95 B Wise Counsel
TT#44 02/19/95 A He Loves His People
02/23/95 B Be Ye Holy
TT#45 03/03/95 A Reconcile Them
03/05/95 B How's Your Hearing?
TT#46 03/12/95 A God - Our Endless Source of Supply
03/15/95 B Trust God and Expect His Best
TT#47 03/21/95 A The God of Impossible
03/26/95 B Victory or Defeat!
TT#48 04/01/95 A The Perspective of Service
04/05/95 B Traditions - Good or Bad?
TT#49 04/12/95 A Practices
04/14/95 B Awareness
TT#50 04/16/95 A Resurrection Sunday
04/23/95 B Confess The Word

No. Date Side
Title Order Form
TT#3 01/15/94 A A God of Kindness and Goodness
03/06/94 B Loving God
TT#4 03/20/94 A Jesus Christ The True Passover
03/23/94 B Healing in the Communion Service
TT#5 date A Thankfulness in Prayer
04/02/94 B Jesus Christ The Redeemer
TT#6 04/20/94 A Faithful to His Word
04/22/94 B Alliance and Integrity
TT#7 04/24/94 A Compassionate Lord
04/27/94 B The Spirit and The Word
TT#8 05/01/94 A A Godly Perspective
05/02/94 B Truth and Salt
TT#9 05/08/94 A Gain a Knowledge of God
05/13/94 B Be Responsible
TT#10 05/18/94 A Treasures of the Heart
05/29/94 B Unchain My Heart
TT#11 05/27/94 A The Undervalued Might of Prayer
06/10/94 B Standing Together in Prayer
TT#12 06/01/94 A From the Heart
06/07/94 B Why Be Afraid When You Can Believe
TT#13 06/15/94 A Three Acts of Nobility
06/16/94 B Let Us Not Judge
TT#14 06/18/94 A Worthy To Be Praised
06/24/94 B What Are You Believing For?
TT#15 06/22/94 A Three Greater Truths
06/26/94 B The Certainty of His Word
TT#16 07/09/94 A Consider The Source
07/09/94 B What Did The Lord Know?
TT#17 07/19/94 A Resist Not Evil
07/22/94 B Virtues or Values?
TT#18 08/07/94 A Walk His Way
08/10/94 B Does This Interest You?
TT#19 08/12/94 A Humility
08/13/94 B How to Walk in Light and Life
TT#20 08/17/94 A Let's Look At Grace
08/21/94 B Noah Found Grace
TT#21 08/19/94 A Freely Ye Have Received
08/24/94 B Get The Job Done
TT#22 08/31/94 A Don't Be A Hypocrite
09/02/94 B Lord, Can I Help?
TT#23 09/07/94 A The Hope IS Christ's Return
09/09/94 B Waiting For God's Son
TT#24 09/11/94 A There Is NO Other Way
09/12/94 B If You Only Knew Their Background
TT#25 09/14/94 A What Was His Motivation?
09/15/94 B Eternal Rewards
TT#26 09/16/94 A Hypocrisy and Prayer
10/07/94 B Abhor Evil
TT#27 10/09/94 A Speak As We Ought
10/23/94 B Seeds Of Change
TT#28 10/12/94 A Regarding Believing Part One
10/19/94 B Regarding Believing Part Two
TT#29 10/26/94 A Saved By Grace
10/30/94 B Serve By Grace
TT#30 10/28/94 A Remember To Stay Thankful
11/09/94 B Because He Loves You
TT#31 11/02/94 A Who Knows More Than God?
11/07/94 B He Is My Strength
TT#32 11/13/94 A The Literal Truth
11/16/94 B Was It His Level Of Fitness?
TT#33 11/23/94 A Samson and Some Other Judges
11/27/94 B Deborah and Barak
TT#34 11/30/94 A A Reoccurring Theme
12/04/94 B Anger
TT#35 12/09/94 A Jacob's Birthright
12/12/94 B Jacob's Blessing
TT#36 12/18/94 A Who Else Is There?
12/22/94 B The Lord Is My Refuge
TT#37 12/31/94 A Renewed Resolve

No. Date Side
Title Order Form
TT#1 03/10/91 A Healing Is For All
03/13/94 B God's Word is Healthy
TT#2 date A The 7 Fatherly Concerns Listed in I John
B Think How Much He Loves You