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I Timothy 2:4
Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

Frontier Christian Ministries is a "grass-roots," non-denominational ministry dedicated to the furtherance of the Gospel and the glory of God. Founded in 1997, and dedicated to proclaiming the Word of God, Frontier Christian Ministries remains true to its commitment.

From the standpoint that the Scripture is Godís Word and as such makes known His Will, Frontier Christian Ministries continues to preach and teach the Gospel of the Kingdom from the great state of Alaska to the World.

Every Sunday at 11:00 A.M. live teachings are presented at the Teaching Center in Wasilla, Alaska. Childrenís Church is conducted at the same time so as to give parents the opportunity to attend upon Godís Word without distraction. After the Sunday morning services, refreshments are enjoyed in the break-out room of the Teaching Center. Once a month we make certain to "break bread" together, either in the Teaching Center or in the comfort of someoneís home. Be it a barbeque or brunch, all in attendance delight in the warmth of fellowship and comradery with like-minded believers.

Sunday teachings are recorded and made available to those present as well as to anyone who requests them. Frontier Christian Ministries maintains a CD mailing ministry which is posted twice a month. In addition to biweekly mailings of pre-recorded audio teachings, Frontier Christian Ministries publishes "On The Frontier" six times a year. "On The Frontier" contains Bible-based articles in a newsletter format and is given free to anyone who requests it.

Every Monday at 8:30 P.M. "Biblical Keys To Victory" is aired on our local GCI cable channel 18. This program covers the fundamental ways in which the Bible interprets itself as well as numerous subjects relating to marriage, family and parenting. The Rev. Linus A. Mathis III teaches this series and is well known for his unbiased and unapologetic objectivity in presenting the Scripture.

Frontier Christian Ministries provides classes and seminars as need dictates and endeavors to address all aspects of Christian living.

Frontier Christian Ministries is supported solely by free-will offerings.

About Our Minister:
The Reverend Linus A. Mathis III is both founder and director of Frontier Christian Ministries. His pursuit of Godís Word began in 1976 at which time he set aside all other disciplines and began a pilgrimage to know God and His Word which he continues to this day. A brief stint in Bible College earned him an Associate in Theology in 1983 and he was ordained to the Christian Ministry in 1985. He did missionary work in Alaska, Illinois, L.I., New York and served with several ministries in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island in New York City. His love for Alaska brought him back in 1995 where he founded and currently directs Frontier Christian Ministries. He is always accompanied by his assistant, confidant, main critic and love of his life, Sue, whom he married in 1973. Together they have raised two children and gone on many adventures. The Mathisí have two biological grandsons and four step-granddaughters. All children and grandchildren are living in Alaska.

Rev. Mathis was born in Queens, NY in 1945 and grew up in the boroughs of NYC as well as the counties of L.I., NY. He graduated high school in 1963 and continued working as an auto technician with his father until he opened his own auto shop in 1973. In the interim he attended college in pursuit of an engineering degree but became disillusioned and dropped out. Never feeling as though he was doing what was intended for him he felt his purpose was slipping away. It was not until coming to Christ in 1976 at the urging of his parents that he finally felt at home and complete.

In 1977 he and Sue began their quest to learn as much of the Bible as possible. While in the Biblical Research College they were given a missionary assignment for Fairbanks, Alaska. It was then that their great love for Alaska was kindled. However, graduation from Bible College saw them ministering Godís Word in the boroughs of NYC. After twelve years of serving in New York the call to Alaska was again heard. In 1995 they relocated to the beautiful Matanuska-Susitna Valley of Alaska where two years later Frontier Christian Ministries was founded. The rest is, as they say, "His-story."

Rev. Mathis has never forgotten what God has done for him nor where he came from. He maintains an understanding of what a working man goes through and what itís like to be unfulfilled in life. Because of this he is able to understand the need man has for purpose and is not afraid to get his hands dirty remaining ever thankful for the joy of work. He believes work is good and all work is honorable. He remains convinced that God makes His calling clear and once man hearkens to it, everything falls in place. He maintains that a leader lead from in front of, not behind, the desk and never asks anything of anyone he has not first asked of himself.