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Frontier Christian Ministries is based in the beautiful state of Alaska. Many think of Alaska as the "last frontier" and for a time our state motto was "north to the future." We have found however, that man's true "last frontier" is found between his left and right ear. Regardless of the geography occupied, your real dwelling place is in your mind. The greatest enhancement God has provided for our minds is His Word. Our minds were made to house His Word and His Word was given to lighten our habitation (our mind).

God has magnified His Word above all His name (Psalm 138:2). Consequently, we have determined to dedicate this Ministry and its efforts to the study and teaching of the Scripture.

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Thus, you will find the Word of God to be the central theme of this website. Where there is faith there is no fear and we wish to help you have a heart full of faith as a result of your love for God and His Word.

It is our fervent prayer that this website proves itself a resource to enhance your relationship with our Heavenly Father and His Wonderful Son Jesus Christ. Nothing in life is more important than a true and vital spiritual relationship with Almighty God. God first, everything else must take a back seat.

God wishes above all things that we prosper and be in health and has no greater joy than to hear that His children walk in truth. It is to this end that He has redeemed us through His Son, given us of His spirit and set His Word within our midst. Therefore, we study His Word so as to know what pleases Him and to demonstrate our love for Him.

Our thankfulness for God's unspeakable grace, mercy and love overflows within us. We are humbled to be entrusted with the Gospel and thankful beyond measure for His enabling us to do so. Our gratefulness to Him for helping us remain faithful these thirty plus years can never be overstated.

Please feel free to investigate God's magnificent Word with us by availing yourself freely of this site's features. Click on our Statement of Beliefs to find out what we believe and why. Be sure to go over our "On The Frontier" publication and perhaps sign up to receive the latest issues in your mail box. You may also print the latest issue from this site.

We invite you to listen to our latest teaching while you visit and when you have time be sure to look at our photo albums. We love to share the beauty of Alaska with others as well as some of the adventures and events God has graced us with since living in this most majestic of environments. On this site you can also find out all there is to know about us and our origins. We trust you will find our "His-story" inspirational.

Should you be in our area we would like nothing better than to have you join us in the Teaching Center. For your convenience we have included our Ministry calendar with times and particulars relevant to upcoming functions and classes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have the need.

God bless you abundantly and thank you for visiting with us.

Please come again!